Between January and March of this year, 2,463 million euros were invested in property in Spain. According to leading Madrid based property consultants, this figure is three times the amount for the same period last year and is equivalent to 35% of investment in property registered in the whole of 2014, pointing out that these figures confirm what was seen as a fledgling tendency towards growth in the Spanish property market towards the end of 2014.

It is believed that if these levels of interest among leading international investors can be maintained, Spain could reach record levels of investment during 2015, over and above the máximum levels recorded in 2007, when sales in excess of 12 billion euros were completed.

The structure of this growth is also being maintained, as almost half of the 2,463 million euros invested comes from abroad, with some 1,500 million being concentrated in just 36 comercial property (offices, retail and industrial premises) sales.

Retail premises have been the subject of greatest interest to investors, totaling some 900 million euros in eleven sales.  Sales of office premises accounted for some 450 million euros, while industrial premises accounted for sales to the value of some 15 million euros.

The cities of Madrid and Barcelona continue to attract the most interest from foreign investors, accounting for appoximately 70% of the total invested. In Madrid sales have been completed to the value of 1,400 million euros while sales in Barcelona reached some 300 million euros.